Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative

The collaborative has involved the work of more than 30 agencies, including the Worcester Department of Public Health, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the March of Dimes to reduce the rate of infant mortality and premature birth in the City of Worcester.

We meet quarterly to discuss various topics related to the health of Worcester infants. Our schedule can be found here.

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For 2017 we're working a project to bring Baby Box distribution to Worcester. You can also donate to this, and other Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative initiatives, through the button below!



The latest data on infant mortality trends in the United States has recently been released by the CDC. It can be found at: 




A recent article in The Nation's Health, from the American Public Health Association, discusses the increasing focus on addressing the social determinants of health in regards to public health concerns and infant mortality in particular:


Shift toward social determinants transforming public health work: Targeting causes of health disparities