WHBC Community Healthy Baby Forum 2016

The WHBC held a Community Healthy Baby Forum on Friday, September 30th, 2016 at City Hall during which several different Maternal/Child Health intervention programs were proposed for WHBC to focus efforts on during the coming year, with a particular focus on Worcester's Hispanic/Latina population. The most popular of these, by a vote taken during the event, were the Baby Box project, Centering Pregnancy, and an outreach project to local churches/salons/laundromats. Be on the look out for future updates from WHBC regarding these projects!


The First Massachusetts Infant Mortality Summit 10/22/2014

2016 Community Healthy Baby Forum
Community Healthy Baby Forum 9.30.16 fin[...]
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WHBC 2014-5 Accomplishments.pdf
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Developing an Inclusive Reproductive Health Agenda in Massachusetts: The Importance and Challenges of Addressing its Social Determinant Roots
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Nhyira Ba: Connecting the Community for Health Pregnancies
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Life Course Theory in Action: New Strategies for Perinatal Health in Boston
2014 BHSI for MOD IM Summit October 201[...]
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Project Baby Springfield: A Focus in Programming from Safe Sleep to Assessing Barriers to Adequate Prenatal Care
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Infant mortality Collaborative Improvement & innovation Network (CoIIN)
2014 Massachusetts Infant Mortality Summ[...]
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The latest data on infant mortality trends in the United States has recently been released by the CDC. It can be found at:



A recent article in The Nation's Health, from the American Public Health Association, discusses the increasing focus on addressing the social determinants of health in regards to public health concerns and infant mortality in particular:


Shift toward social determinants transforming public health work: Targeting causes of health disparities